Country Chic 

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Country Chic Ooh la la

*Some surfaces such as Mahogany may bleed. It is important that these pieces are prepared with a stain blocking primer, such as shellac. Test for bleed-through by painting a small area & checking for discoloration after it dries. For more expert tips on how to prep your project, visit

Country Chic Oval Paint Brushes

Our selection of 55 colors gives you exactly what you need to create any look, from hip and modern to distressed shabby chic.


Simplicity, Crinoline, Vanilla Frosting, Cheesecake,

Sunday Tea, Pop the Bubbly, Soiree, Driftwood, Canape, Liquorice, Dark Roast, Rocky Mountain, Hurricane, Cobblestone, Pebble Beach, Cut a Rug, Lazy Linen, Bee's Knees, Fresh Mustard, Luminous, Rustic Charm, Fireworks, Hollow Hill, Sage Advice, Happy Hour, String of Pearls, Fancy Frock, Icicle, Tropical Cocktail, Bliss, Whoop-de-do, Jitterbug, Wanderess, Nightfall

Elegance, Dune Grass, Belle of Ball, Bling Bling, Peacoat

Pricing & Availability

All in ONE Paint                             Pint (16 oz) $19.97 ea.

Waxes                                                          4oz $15.95

                                                                  8oz $23.95

Antiquing, Gold, White, Black, Grey, Pearl


Tough Coat                                           Pint 16 oz $23.95

Clear Coat                                            Pint 16 oz $21.95

Clear Primer                                         Pint 16 oz $17.95

Beeswax Distressing Bar                                         $6.95

Crackle Medium                                               4oz $7.95

Texture Powder                                                4oz $6.95

Hemp oil                                                        8oz $9.95

Metallic Creams                                              4oz $13.95

Lucky Penny, Pocket Watch, Belt Buckle, Silver Bullet


Furniture Glaze                                       Pint 16oz $21.96

Limestone, Graphite


Painting Sponge                                                    $2.95

Artist Brushes                                        (SET of 6) $11.95

Short handle brush (Nylon)                                1.5” $10.49

                                                                     2” $11.95

Oval paint brush                                              1.5” $17.95

                                                                     2” $21.95