Bedroom Furniture

Solid wood selections - Dimensions are listed below pictures 

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Rustic Queen Or King Bed 

side rails & slats 

Rustic King Bed -Side rails & Slats 

Rustic Dresser Natural 

68"L x 44.25"H x 20"D

Natural Wood Star Nightstands 

Rustic Queen

Upholstered Bed

side rails & slats

Rustic Tall Ivory Dresser

Mahogany Nightstands

28"L x 31.5"H x 16"D

Rustic Dresser 

64.5"L x 34.25"H x 17.5"D

Rustic Nightstands 

18"L x 28"H x 14.5"D


LOCATED in The Champion Forest Shopping Center

16714 Champion Forest  Spring, Texas 77379